About Ocean Beach Productions

Over 20 years experience producing, writing, directing and editing movies that people get paid to watch.  

We’ve created video content for folks on the clock at Apple, Nike, Verizon, Macy’s, and many more.

Clients tell us they like to work with us because of our commitment to quality and collaborative style.


We consistently produce engaging, informative, easy-to-watch videos.  When video makes a connection with the viewer, the content becomes more powerful and effective.

We design videos to look great on any screen—TVs, computer monitors, smart phones, and even some advanced etch-a-sketches.  These programs age well, so clients are able to use them for many years—a great ROI.

Honors our videos have won include the Telly Award, the Cinema in Industry Award, the Communicator Award and the New York Festivals.


We also seamlessly partner with internal teams to capture each organization’s unique culture.

When video is realistic and authentic, viewers are more engaged and receptive.

And of course, we always deliver the fundamentals:  productions are on time, on budget—and as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. 


About Steve Fassler

Steve grew up in the meth-scrabble town of Arnold, MO.  There he attended Fox Elementary, Fox Junior High and Fox High School.  This was primarily during the 1970’s, so “Fox” was an awesome school name.

Steve went on to graduate from Missouri State University with a BS in Communication and Media.  He then graduated from Northern Illinois University with an MA in Rhetoric and Communication.  He was also a popular TA at NIU, voted by the undergraduate student body as “Most Likely to Give You a B.”

While attending NIU, Steve also worked at Airmanship, a firm that provided training to small-aircraft pilots.  He directed and edited an excessive amount of training videos, including “Pilot by Proxy,” Airmanship’s all-time highest-grossing video (in both VHS and Beta formats).

Steve then moved to Stamford CT to work for MOHR Development, an international training-consulting firm.  He was Director of Video Production, creating training videos for more companies than you can name.  Seriously.  The number of companies you can name?  Multiply that by your age.  Bam.  And some of them are still in business.

In 1990, Steve moved to San Francisco CA and worked as a freelance producer for many years, distinguishing himself in the local film community as “that dude who makes training videos.” 

Steve founded Ocean Beach Productions before the great Y2K disaster.  Today, Ocean Beach Productions is recognized as one of the top 10 Corporate Video Production Companies in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco (across 19th Avenue).

Steve Fassler, Founder and Moehl